Audition Coaching - $35/half-hour, $60/hr

Also available for FaceTime/Skype Coaching

Self-tape with Coaching - $50 per half-hour

Musical Audition with Accompanist -

$80/half-hour, $150/hour

All of our coaches are consistently working actors and have worked in major films, TV shows, and theaters around the country.  We are all auditioning NOW and have insights on audition technique, casting directors, and more.  Sign up for your next on-camera or musical theatre audition and we'll help you knock it out of the park.

Postcard/One-Sheet Design - $100

Reel Editing - $250 (under 2 min)

                        $50 (every additional min)

                        $50 (post-edit updates)

Website Design - $350 + WIX Fees

We have designed countless websites for professional actors all around the world.  Take control of what the industry & fans see with a great site.

We highly recommend you Try to make a website yourself first! Wix is super user-friendly and we are not here to take your money if you don't need to spend it.  Give it a try -

Check out some samples here.


Creative Consulting - $100/hr

Rate applies to all categories below

We offer creative consulting in a variety of areas - See below for specific areas of expertise and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions if something isn't listed that you may need advice on.

Career Jump-Start

Feeling stalled in your acting career?  Our team will review your professional profile - headshots, resume, reels, online presence, brand, style, audition technique and more.  You will leave with ACTIONABLE advice and a list of tangible things to get you back in the game.

Content Creator

Is everyone telling you to make your own work? Not sure where to start? Our team has created award-winning original content that has been featured on IndieWire, the NY Times,  FunnyorDie, WhoHaHa, and much more.  Let us guide you into making work that will bring you joy and stay in line with your brand.

Auditioning for a Major Network Showcase or a Sketch Show?  We will help you develop a package of characters to help you stand out and bring out your competitive talents.  Also available for Improvisation teams!

NY to LA

Showcase / Character Reel

Just moved from New York City to Los Angeles? Our whole team has worked in both markets for several years and understands the transition very well.  Let us help you leverage your past work to make the most of your new city and hit the ground running!

Repertoire Revamp

Need to shake up your Musical Theatre Audition Book?  We'll assess your current book and provide you with a list of new songs for you to explore perfect for your type.